Your seatools test code: A7ADA46A

Model: ST3500418AS
S/N: 5VM4877R
After one month use, with Mhdd scan, there are many bad sectors,
use latest seatools to do short scan got the error code in the title,
Now the seatools is doing long test.

Long test result:
Your seatools test code: A7ADA45A
Please save this code if you are planning a warranty exchange. Seagate product warranty status dependss on how the product is sold. If your hard drive is a component in an OEM system, then the OEM covers the drive warranty.

Unfortunately, your seagate hard drive has failed an important diagnostic test, possibly cause by problem sectors which are difficult to read. Now is a good time to make sure you have a current backup of your important data.

Then the seatools ask to repair the errors,
then the long test passed after repairs.

I restart the computer, the problem it is still there.

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