Netop School6

Netop School6 is the all-in-one solution that increases teacher efficiency and flexibility while improving the quality of lessons, increasing control, keeping students on task and ultimately increasing student performance and grades. To learn more about the benefits of Netop School’s comprehensive preparation, instruction and evaluation features, just click on the links below.

Limit student Web surfing
Teachers have complete control over student Internet access with Netop School’s powerful policy features. By applying a policy to individual students, groups, or the entire class teachers can easily block access to the Web altogether, or select individual Web sites to block or allow. It’s easy to choose Web sites from your list of favorites, and apply black or white lists, as appropriate to your teaching needs.

Control application use
Netop’s policy features can also be used to control which applications students can access. When you need students to focus on a particular assignment in Word, Excel or some other program, simply allow access to that application and block out everything else. Or create a standard policy that allows most applications, but blocks out common distractions.

Block ports used for instant messaging and chat
Chat and instant messaging can be significant distractions in your classroom. As an alternative to blocking long lists of programs, now you can block the communication ports typically used by these types of applications. Netop has added port blocking to Netop School’s policy controls to provide another powerful tool for teachers to use in eliminating distractions.

Combine policies on the fly
Create policies in advance, then combine them on the fly to meet classroom conditions. Mix and match internet control, application control and port blocking as needed using a simple, common policy module.

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