Blackberry Storm 3 better than iphone4

blackberry storm 3
3>4 ?
Will happens on blackberry storm3 > iphone4
apple is greedy, why? they block the flash player on ipad and iphone, then they can get more revenue from their online sales.
that’s the main reason I hesitated to buy ipad. without flash player so many online video site are not supported. It’s a shame, apple. you bite you own apple yourself then. many years ago you close your stupid door, now again.

A lot of these specs sound way too good to be true, but right now iPhone and Android handsets are making current BlackBerrys look and feel dated by comparison; if RIM wants to properly compete, I would hope that everything listed below was true.

1 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB storage
LTE-capable, due for Verizon
5 megapixel camera
SurePress, but with a new input mechanism
Running a new OS, separate from 6.0 – will include widgets and lots of personalization

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