How to make a entry as mandatory in create an account in CRE LOADED

For example(I’m using 641a b2b) : I want to make the “company tax id” as mandatory:
1. First add the symbol * to the end of form 🙂
The drawning form function is located in: /templates/content/create_account.tpl.php
These the code:

‘ . ENTRY_COMPANY_TAX_ID_TEXT . ‘‘: ”); ?>

So, the “ENTRY_COMPANY_TAX_ID_TEXT” will be the * symbol
ok, now open


line 389: define(‘ENTRY_COMPANY_TAX_ID_TEXT’, ”);

change it to : define(‘ENTRY_COMPANY_TAX_ID_TEXT’, ‘*’);

2. Add a row to database: (backup your database first)
open phpmyadmin, choose the whole database, then search: “company”,
edit it, and save it as new row for tax_id

3. root directory: create_account.php
add these to line 133:
if (strlen($company_tax_id) < ENTRY_COMPANY_TAX_ID_MIN_LENGTH) { $error = true; $messageStack->add(‘create_account’, ENTRY_COMPANY_TAX_ID_ERROR);


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