Outlook 2002 on vista and windows 7

Outlook 2002:
It runs, but email account passwords are not saved. After you enter the password during the first email check, Outlook will remember it until you close down Outlook. This is because Outlook used the protected storage interfaces to store passwords and these are no longer supported in Vista. Unless Microsoft decides to create a publicly available hotfix to address this, you won’t be able to save passwords. Outlook 2002 is outside of mainstream support so this is unlikely to happen as it’s not a critical security hole.

OLAutoPW automates the Network Password Entry for POP3 and IMAP accounts in Outlook 2002/XP SP3 on Windows Vista/Windows 7.

You can use a Windows script program such as AutoIt to enter the password for you.

Note that when you enter the password, the Send and Receive that brought up the password dialog may fail but future send and receives will work. Leave Outlook open 24/7 to avoid entering it frequently.

Recurring calendar items may not open. This may be related to opening a single event in a series from the Day/Week/Month view. Open the event using any List view, such as Recurring Appointments (View, Current View, Recurring Appointments). It may also work to open the entire series from the Day/Week/Month view, I haven’t tested it yet.

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