unlock hard drive

For the Seagates and Western Digitals, it is pretty easy to find the methods. If the Fujitsu drives like mine were easy to find vendor commands for (Or even a firmware image to figure out my MHZ2xxxBH G1 Rev 9), then all the BEV-designation Western Digital drives on eBay wouldn’t be so popular with Xbox 360 owners! The related MHx families that I’ve looked at the firmware dumps of seem like a good place to start – if I had a few spares to test experiments on. Hehe, not trying random 0x80-0x8F or similar ranges to find vendor commands without understanding the microcontroller on them.

I have yet to find anything about the Hitachi models, but I haven’t exactly spent a lot of time on non-Fujitsu/Toshiba drives and I knew about the Seagates from 2010 when all those people had to reset the firmware… I was curious and discovered the wonderful world of EIA232-to-Seagate adapters and terminal commands.

So, here’s the rundown:
Fujitsu=No chance – even programs like HDDErase don’t work on the most recent families. Try it anyways for designations upto MHG or so.
Seagates=Use serial terminal
Western Digital=Use this topic’s script
Toshiba=???? (Don’t have any recent ones to test – biggest I have is 6GB I think)
Others=???? Just buy PC3000 UDMA.

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