Turn off windows 7 sync centre


3 In there you should see a branch called: {08b0b2d5-3fb3-11d3-a4de-00c04f610189}

Right-click on the branch and select Delete from the context menu.
Restart your system and the icon should be gone.

{08b0b2d5-3fb3-11d3-a4de-00c04f610189} = SQL Server Handler
{750fdf10-2a26-11d1-a3ea-080036587f03} = Offline Files Handler

It seems you have your Offline Files feature still enabled. If not it is okay to remove its handler manually through registry using the method I described.

And don’t worry the worst case scnario would be that Sync Center would no longer work nor start on logon which is what you want, right?

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