how to restore .wim for windows

imagex.exe needed (Waik_3 Windows 7 imageX)

imagex /apply boot.wim 1 C:\


Recovery of Toshiba Laptop using .SWM files
Machine: Toshiba Satellite L450D-11V
Problem: Faulty hard drive, new drive to be installed. Customer has no recovery discs and Windows COA label with product key is worn out so would like to find a way to reinstall Windows 7 without buying a new license.
The recovery partition contained eight ‘.swm’ files which we managed to save to a USB hard drive.
The files were:
Booted up with Windows 7 DVD disc, chose Repair and Command Prompt.
At this point, USB drive was D: and blank hard drive was C:
The executable file ‘ImageX’ (the tool for working with .wim and .swm files) was also on the USB drive. If you don’t have ImageX, Google it – it’s available for download.
Changed command prompt from C: to D:
Ran the following command to merge all .swm files into a single ‘.wim’ file:
imagex /ref 10739XSP*.swm /export 10739XSP.swm 2 boot.wim
This created a 6.5GB .WIM file which was the whole Windows 7 preinstalled partition.
Then ran the following command:
imagex /apply boot.wim 1 C:\
This applied the image to the partition C:\
At this point it would not boot so we ran StartUp Repair from the Windows 7 DVD
Then we ran the command:
bootrec.exe /fixmbr
At this point Windows 7 started and began setting up all the other preinstalled software that Toshiba includes.
Several reboots later and all is running perfectly!

Pasted from (

imagex /ref 08584XSP*.swm /export
08584XSP.swm 2 boot.wim

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