Vigor 2820 / BT Fibre with 5 static IPs

Vigor 2820 / BT Fibre with 5 static IPs

To configure this device with the static block from BT and make them all usable you will need to do as follows:-

You will need an Ethernet cable from WAN2 port on the Vigor 2820 to the Fibre Modem

In WAN – General Setup –
Disable WAN1 / Enable WAN2
Provide a Display name (BT Fibre) optional
Set Physical Mode: Ethernet
Set Physical Type: Auto negotiation
Click OK to save

Next on the left click WAN – Internet Access

On the right click WAN2
Now click PPTP.L2TP and disable, do the same for Static or Dynamic IP – disable
Now click PPPoE and enable
In ISP Access Setup add your username (the one) and add your password

On the right side PPP/MP Setup you need to click Fixed IP: and enter the lowest IP from your block, so if BT provided you with nnn.nnn.nnn.16 – nnn.nnn.nnn.22 you would enter nnn.nnn.nnn.16 (usually the network address)

Now click WAN IP Alias and enter any or all of the other IPs (yes you can enter all of the other 6 IPs)

Once you have your IPs entered click OK and then Close. Click OK to save (and OK to reboot Router)

You can now map any of your IPs to devices on your network using either :-
NAT – Port Redirection (using WAN IP list box)
NAT – Open Ports (using WAN IP list box)
NAT – DMZ Host (you will see all your IPs listed in the WAN2 section, WARNING – make sure you understand what DMZ does before using this option)

If you need to make certain devices go out on a specific public address you can configure this in:-

NAT – Address Mapping, So if you wanted a device that was using private IP to go out on public IP nnn.nnn.nnn.17 your settings would be:-

WAN Interface WAN2
WAN IP nnn.nnn.nnn.17
Private IP
Subnet Mask /32 (= to

If you wanted every device on subnet 192.168.1.n to use a certain public IP you simply change the Private IP to and the Subnet Mask to /24 (= to

If you don’t enter the Address Mapping your device’s will use the lowest IP that was entered in the WAN2 Internet Access – Static IP section earlier nnn.nnn.nnn.16

The strange thing we have found is that even though you have a block of 5 usable IP address, you can actually use all 7 IPs provided in this block without any issues. (try it, it worked for us).

Port forwarding:

Port Redirection > Open Ports > DMZ

For example, if an incoming packet’s port number matches a rule in both ‘Port Redirection’ and ‘Open Ports’ then the packet will be forwarded onto the local address defined in ‘Port Redirection’.

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