Create a new user (local) and login as that new user. (this will generate a new NTUSER.dat)

Log off.

Login as an administrator (NOT the user with the corrupt NTUSER.DAT or the new user)

Copy the NTUSER.DAT from the new account to the corrupt account.

Login to the account that had the corrupt NTUSER.DAT.

You may need to restart and login again.

This should leave you with all of your data, but you will have to reset up your taskbar and any other personal customizations (screen saver, desktop background, etc)

If you are on a domain and using roaming profiles then you will have to also copy the NTUSER.DAT file from the new (local) account to the roaming profile folder.

If you are on a domain and your roaming profiles are pulled from DFS, then you may want to make sure that replication has occured on the NTUSER.DAT or just copy it to all DFS member servers.

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