how to recover deleted emails or folder from outlook pst file

Hex Editor: HXD

Locate the *.pst file
Open the *.pst file in the hexadecimal editor
In the column on the right side overwrite character position 7 through 13 with spaces. In the hexadecimal numbering system, this corresponds to 13 positions and not 6.
When done correctly, the hexadecimal column (left column) block 7 through 13 will then display 20 (hexadecimal value for a space).

If you are using HxD, then you can also select block 7 through 13 in the left column and choose;
Edit-> Fill Selection…-> button OK
This will fill the blocks with 00, which will work just as well.
pst-file before editing in HxD (click on image to enlarge) pst-file after editing in HxD (click on image to enlarge)
Before and after examples of editing position 7 through 13 of the pst-file in HxD.
(click on images to enlarge)

Save the *.pst file and close the Hex Editor.
As you have now corrupted your pst file, you’ll need to run scanpst.exe to repair it.
When scanpst.exe has repaired your pst file, open it in Outlook and look in the Deleted Items folder or in the original folder to locate your recovered items.

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