Deco ethernet backhaul wire connection not working

root cause. Deco adopts the IEEE 1905.1 standard protocol to create the Ethernet Backhaul network. When Ethernet backhaul is working, Deco will disconnect the Wi-Fi backhaul to avoid the network loop issue.
However, we find that some D-Link switches won’t forward the IEEE 1905.1 packets, causing that both Ethernet and wireless connections between Decos are working at the same time, which resulting in a network loop, causing the whole Deco system becomes unstable.

We already tested with switches of some other brands (unmanaged or managed), all work fine except some of the D-Link switches. Even some D-Link managed switches are working fine by forwarding the IEEE 1905.1 packets as expected.
Regarding this case, we recommend to contact D-Link support for a solution. Or change another switch such as TP-Link unmanaged switch which is confirmed working with Deco Ethernet Backhaul connection.
Here is the reference link for TP-Link switches:

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