hdclone and kingston A2000 m.2

The HDClone can damaged Kingston A2000 M.2 SSD.
Kingston SSD should has a protection on their controller.
When I was cloning to A2000 last night, it was in middle of the job after 2 hours, I pressed the button “free license” on HDclone software interface, then a pop up shows HDclone was crashed.
I checked my A2000 with windows disk management, A2000 SSD was dispeared. I booted to BIOS straight away, no A2000 SSD shows in BIOS.
I turned off computer, turn it back on, my computer was stuck on BIOS screen, I have tried many times, it the same. I unplugged M.2 SSD A2000, and tried 2nd M.2 slot, it was the same.
M.2 A2000 damaged and it stop the system BIOS booting.

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