This PC doesn’t currently meet the minimum system requirements to run windows 11.

use Rufus to create a windows 11 bootable disk can fix it:

using AveYo’s Media Creation Tool workaround script fixed it.

download or make a file like this:
win11 just run once_2
Once run this script once or odd times.
then download windows 11 ISO, MOUNT THE ISO, run setup, you can now install the windows 11.
Backup your data first.

or you can simply copy and paste the following content to notepad and make it as .cmd file:

@(set “0=%~f0″^)#) & powershell -nop -c iex([io.file]::ReadAllText($env:0)) & exit/b
#:: double-click to run or just copy-paste into powershell – it’s a standalone hybrid script

#:: v7 dynamically skips the anti-consumer windows 11 setup checks via /Product Server trick
#:: it is most reliable, and only has a ‘Windows Server’ label cosmetic-ish difference
#:: works with:
#:: 11 setup via Windows Update (after using OfflineInsiderEnroll by whatever127 and abbodi1406)
#:: 11 setup via mounted iso / usb (use the Quick.. script for skipping 11 setup checks at boot)

$_Paste_in_Powershell = { $Code = @’
$Nfo = ‘Skip TPM Check on Dynamic Update v7, AveYo 2021′
$Arg = (([environment]::get_CommandLine()-split’-[-]% ‘)[1]-split’.exe[\p{P}]? ‘)[1]
foreach ($x in ‘Product’,’DynamicUpdate’,’Telemetry’) {$Arg = $Arg -replace $(‘\p{P}?/’+ $x +’\p{P}? \p{P}?[A-Z]+\p{P}? ‘),’ ‘}
$Cli = ‘ /DynamicUpdate Disable /Telemetry Disable ‘ + $Arg; $Srv = ‘ /Product Server’ + $Cli
$Dir = join-path $([Environment]::SystemDirectory[0..2]-join”) ‘$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\’
$Cfg = join-path $Dir ‘EI.cfg’; $EI = ‘[Channel]’ +[char]13+[char]10+ ‘_Default’ +[char]13+[char]10
$Exe = join-path $Dir ‘SetupHost.exe’; $Inf = get-item -force -lit $Exe; [int]$Ver = $Inf.VersionInfo.FileBuildPart
if ($Ver -ge 22000) {$Run = $Exe + $Srv} else {$Run = $Exe + $Cli}
if ($Ver -ge 22000 -and !(test-path $Cfg)) {[io.file]::WriteAllText($Cfg, $EI)}

$D=@(); $T=@(); $A=@(); $M=[AppDomain]::CurrentDomain.DefineDynamicAssembly(1,1).DefineDynamicModule(1)
foreach ($x in 0..2) {$D+=$M.DefineType(‘AveYo_’+$x,1179913,[ValueType])}; foreach ($x in 1..2) {$D+=$D[$x].MakeByRefType()}
$S=[string]; $I=[int32]; $U=[uintptr]; $y=0; $z=0; foreach ($x in $U,$U,$I,$I) {$9=$D[2].DefineField(‘f’+$y++,$x,6)}
foreach ($x in $I,$S,$S,$S,$I,$I,$I,$I,$I,$I,$I,$I,[int16],[int16],$U,$U,$U,$U) {$9=$D[1].DefineField(‘f’+$z++,$x,6)}
foreach ($x in 0..2) {$T+=$D[$x].CreateType()}; foreach ($x in 1..2) {$A+=[Activator]::CreateInstance($T[$x])}
$R=$null, $Run, $null, $null, $false, 0x02000011, $null, $null, $A[0], $A[1]
$T[0].GetMethod(‘CreateProcess’).invoke(0, $R); $T[0].GetMethod(‘DebugActiveProcessStop’).invoke(0, $R[9].f2)
$W=get-process -pid $R[9].f2 -ea 0; for (;;) {sleep 1; if (0-eq $R[9].f2 -or $null-eq $W -or $W.HasExited) {return} }
‘@ -replace ‘\r?\n|\r’, ‘; ‘ <# lines 20-29 are needed for escaping ifeo, remain calm 😉 #>

$IFEO = ‘HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\SetupHost.exe’
$Prog = join-path $([Environment]::SystemDirectory[0..2] -join ”) ‘$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\SetupHost.exe’
$Skip = “powershell -win 1 -nop -c iex (get-itemproperty ‘$IFEO\0’ ‘Code’ -ea 0).Code; write-host –%”
if (test-path “$IFEO\0″) {
remove-item $IFEO -rec -force -ea 0 >”
write-host -fore 0xf -back 0xd “`n Skip TPM Check on Dynamic Update v7 [REMOVED] run again to install ”
} else {
new-item “$IFEO\0″ -force -ea 0 >”
set-itemproperty “$IFEO\0” ‘Debugger’ $Skip -force -ea 0; set-itemproperty “$IFEO\0” ‘Code’ $Code -force -ea 0
set-itemproperty “$IFEO\0” ‘FilterFullPath’ $Prog -force -ea 0; set-itemproperty $IFEO ‘UseFilter’ 1 -type dword -force -ea 0
write-host -fore 0xf -back 0x2 “`n Skip TPM Check on Dynamic Update v7 [INSTALLED] run again to remove ”
remove-item $($IFEO -replace ‘SetupHost’, ‘vdsldr’) -rec -force -ea 0 >”; rmdir (split-path $Prog) -rec -force -ea 0 >”
$N = ‘Skip TPM Check on Dynamic Update’ <# also remove wmi-based v1 if somehow still installed, not just vdsldr-based v2 – v5 #>
$U = ‘root\subscription’; $C = gwmi -Class CommandLineEventConsumer -Namespace $U -Filter “Name=’$N'” -ea 0
$B = gwmi -Class __FilterToConsumerBinding -Namespace $U -Filter “Filter = “”’$N'””” -ea 0
$F = gwmi -Class __EventFilter -NameSpace $U -Filter “Name=’$N'” -ea 0; $B,$C,$F |% {$_|rwmi -ea 0}; timeout /t 5
} ; start -verb runas powershell -args “-nop -c & {`n`n$($_Paste_in_Powershell-replace'”‘,’\”‘)}”

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