google android 2.3 for htc desire hd and samsung galaxy

these two manufacture all promised upgrade for android 2.3. but when can i get it?

HTC Nexus One Android 2.3 update

Launched at the beginning of January 2010, Google has confirmed this will be getting the Android 2.3 update in the “next few weeks”, when it announced Android 2.3 on the 6 December.(15/12/10)

Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.3 update

The official line is that Samsung is still mulling over whether or not to update the Samsung Galaxy S to Android 2.3.(15/12/10)

LG Optimus One Android 2.3 update

Although it initially said that it wouldn’t be bringing the new OS to current handsets, LG has since backtracked on that announcement (made on Facebook). Like Samsung, LG’s official line is that it is still evaluating whether or not to update the operating system from Android 2.2 to Android 2.3.(15/12/10)

HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD, and HTC Legend Android 2.3 updates

“We are excited about the OS update coming for Android”, a spokesperson for the manufacturer has told Pocket-lint. “And while HTC will definitely have some phones running this OS, we do not have a specific timeframe for new phones or updates at this time. Please stay tuned for more details”. (15/12/10)

Motorola Milestone 2 Android 2.3 update

The Motorola Defy is only just about to get updated from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2 so unlikely to get an update soon, while Motorola isn’t yet in a position to confirm whether the Milestone 2 will be getting an update from Android 2.2 to Android 2.3. (15/12)

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

The X8 has just received the Android 2.2 update, but there’s no official word from Sony Ericsson on its Xperia range of smartphones at this time (15/12)

Orange San Francisco Android 2.3 update 

Orange’s official line is that it doesn’t currently know whether the phone, which currently sports Android 2.1, will be getting an update or not, with Orange telling Pocket-lint that it normally takes a couple of weeks to determine these things after the official announcement has been made from Google. (15/12/10) 

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