converts joystick input into keyboard input (and mouse input).

* Configuration for maximum 16 joysticks.
(6 axes, 2 POV switches and 32 buttons for each joystick)

* Multiple configuration files.
You can make lots of configuration files and choose it at any time.

* Support for many useful features…
– Automatic shooting of buttons.
– Mouse emulation (including wheel rotation).
– “Adjust mouse movements” function.
When it’s pressed, mouse movement(or wheel rotation) becomes
temporarily faster (or slower).

* “Switch to the other configuration file” function.
You can switch to and activate the other configuration file
with the button which is assigned to this function.

* “Use the setting of other joystick number temporarily” function.
(Something like “shift” command of SNESKey.
For example, you may usually use joystick1 for keyboard emulation,
but during this button being pressed, joystick3’s configuration
(that emulates mouse or something) will temporarily be used.
Note that joystick3 is not a real joystick, it’s a virtual device
to .)

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