Reason 7, performance problem

1. when you open up your sample browser, drag and drop the folded into the area that says “locations” and your samples should load up faster

2. fix “Computer too slow to play song!”
Go to Preferences > General, and use the CPU Usage Limit setting, and turn it to “None.”

Alert: “Computer too slow to play song.”
This alert may appear if your cpu is overloaded when attempting to play a song.
Here are a few measures that can be taken when things are going slow:

– Close all running applications, except Reason
– Use the 16 bit ReFill
– Increase the “CPU Usage Limit” setting in Preferences -> General
– Use an MX-kit (stereo mix)

– Mac OS 9 users: increase the amount of RAM allocated to Reason, it should at least be 350 MB, but preferably even more.

To show & hide cables the shortcut on PC is “L”, not ctr+L.

My belief is that suggestion 4 will remove very important item when tuning synths, as the parameter value tooltip is the only way to know finely where a filter stands, and showing automation is useful. If you have to go to that solution I’d suggest to head straight to the computer shop as it will slow your workflow.

Very interesting to know that displaying all the synths would consume that much CPU (I just tried out with 10 combis of Thors /scream/reverb, and it did save 7-8% of CPU use)

There is an additional thing that is worth mentioning: bypass all that is not used. If you use a Thor just for the LFO, turn all oscillators & filters off.
Remove the old synth you are not using anymore. save the patch somewhere and remove it.

Finally on suggestion 1 the bit about reducing the buffer to get a lower latency I get, the bit about reducing it to get better performances …. not really.

A longer buffer will give you more overhead as it will even out a CPU spike on the length of the buffer. It won’t really lower the CPU used, but will even out the peaks… Then by definition a buffer is a direct addition to the time between your sending a MIDI signal and the audio to come out. So more buffer = less playability, but also less cracks.

Additionally suggestion 1 is only true when running reason alone, as through rewire the sound driver is the one of the host DAW, and additional buffers & pre-rendering options can be used by the host.

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