Uninitialized hikvision format failed nfs

In my case: The simple answer is the nfs share size must > 10GB

camera refuses to “format” the share if:
– Size of the filesystem shared is less than 10GB or bigger than 250? GB (unsure of upper limit)
– There are some files or folders in the share (like a folder “lost+found” for instance)
– Rights for the folder where the filesystem is mounted are not correct
– NFS options are not correct in /etc/exports, i use “async,unsecure,all_squash, anonuid=1000,anongid=1000”, i think the unsecure is needed. And use “async” at own risk…
After experimenting with this i’m now able to use a Raspberry Pi (2) with USB thumb drives for the cameras, shared via NFS. I have one 32GB drive, partitioned into two 16GB partitions and one 16GB drive. I use EXT4 filesystems and recommend using UUID of the filesystems in /etc/fstab for mounting the drives.

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