Move thunderbird to new computer

1. copy profile:
Find Mozilla Thunderbird Profile Directory:
run: %appdata%, open the Thunderbird folder, go to the Profiles folder,
open the folder named: ****.default
n Mac OS X:

Open Finder.
Press Command-Shift-G.
Type “~/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/”.
open your home folder,
go to the Library folder,
and open the Thunderbird and then the Profiles folder.
Open your profile’s directory (probably “********.default” where the ‘*’s stand for random characters).
On Linux:

Go to the “.thunderbird” directory in your home “~” directory.
Open the profile directory (probably “********.default” where the ‘*’s stand for random characters).

2. on the new computer
Make sure Mozilla Thunderbird is not running.
On Windows, select Run… from the Start menu and type “thunderbird.exe -profilemanager”. Click OK.

Type “Restoration Profile” under Enter new profile name:.
Note the path given under Your user settings, preferences, bookmarks and mail will be stored in:.
Click Finish.
Click Exit.

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